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 I offer Emotional Intelligence training sessions facilitated through expressive arts. Integrating your ability to manage emotions plays an important role in your life success. These sessions are useful whether you’re looking for parenting resources, corporate training sessions, or support in a school setting. I give emotional intelligence sessions in the following learning contexts

What is Emotional Intelligence Training?

Emotional intelligence (EI), initially coined by Salovey and Mayer, is a type of social intelligence. It is the ability to monitor one's emotions, process those of others, and differentiate between them to achieve positive results. If humans only had cognitive capabilities, it would not be easy to make decisions about interacting with others. Emotional intelligence helps us establish connections within ourselves and in the outside world.

The Process

 I apply expressive arts therapy (EXA) techniques and creative tools to facilitate self-discovery, personal growth, and expression. Through these artistic modalities, I help you develop emotional intelligence by drawing links between your inner and outer worlds. This approach allows you to engage with the arts, expand your imagination, in a playful state. This creates opportunities to explore and develop new emotional intelligence (EI) resources through the creative and relational processes.


When individuals have emotional intelligence, they can deal with the frustrations and pressures of life, operate effectively within teams, empathize with others, and promote personal development.  “Social skills, a form of social competence, are behaviors that are acquired over time based on social rules, and which allow individuals to interact in suitable ways in various settings.” Maleki, et al. (2019).

The purpose of my practice is to develop a relational understanding in the following broad social and emotional aspects of learning

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