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I offer multimedia arts training for adolescents and young adults on the spectrum. In these sessions, I invite your ASD adolescent to create his own project with different forms of technology-based media. This may allow him to explore a potential career path harnessing his intrinsic motivation to guide him through a productive learning process. I can apply the following modalities for anyone interested in exploring the multimedia arts in a safe and therapeutic setting.

My approach

This multimedia training includes all forms of technology-based media, which can be used as a form of self-expression and a career path discovery.


​>   Art and graphic design training​
>   3D Animation and Visual Effects​
>   Support/guidance with professional life​ >   Job placement​ >   Management of personal life​
>   Project on personal development​
>   Public service and realization of events 

The process

The goal of this training process is to offer the ASD individuals the support, the guidance and the tools to connect with their own talents and abilities so that they can achieve their full potential.

Many of the individuals with autism have a lot to give and contribute to society. And it is in us to help them integrate in working environments. For this purpose it is vital that they learn to develop skills that will enhance their innate abilities that will also be useful to the working force.

The autistic brain has a great potential to develop valuable skills, not only to learn to adapt to society but that all of us will benefit from the contributions that people with autism can provide.


My Ph.D. research journey has been eye-opening, to say the least. The process educated both my ASD clients and myself on a rich range of topics. These experiences did more than deepen my understanding as a therapist, teacher and a human being. They offered useful insights for other professionals working with individuals on the autism spectrum.

Some examples of successful cases: one of our students is now working at a Graphic design studio. Another student is currently enrolled at a Game Art school having accompanied her through the creation of her portfolio. This is also the case of another 2 students who are starting a training at a school in Animation and cinematography after having acquired a good foundation in multimedia production and a strong portfolio.
We continue to support young talents to reach their objectives.

Watch the video presentation to discover more about my Digital Arts Therapy research practice with autism.

Interview to Dr. Naiara Belart García by Stephen K. Levine

Let's share the journey

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