Cognitive Therapy

02 / Counseling

My therapy sessions take a tailored approach to your child´s care. I am sensitive to your child´s needs and goals and transform them into a nurturing path forward.

My approach

I design my patient-centered therapy approach to accompany you on your child´s personal journey. It’s about offering tailored therapeutic experiences to fit your child´s specific needs, looking for their unique gifts and empowering them to develop important life skills.

The process

I am committed to leveraging the relational aspect of the therapeutic process to generate the best outcome for you. I create a nurturing and judgment-free environment where you can be your authentic self and gain the courage to realize your potential.    


We build a positive relational space by designing your personal development journey around your goals and interests. This process creates the possibility for transformation. You will push past your challenges to progressively acquire confidence and learn to trust your own resources.

Let's share the journey

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Tel: +41763061110
Avenue de Sécheron 7,
1202, Genève

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