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Children educated in the 21st century have access to a different set of tools and face a different set of challenges.

This millennium truly is reshaping social, economic, and political life as we know it. Let’s help our children develop the right technological and social skills to enter and navigate the future of digitalization.

As a parent, you want your teen to be a responsible digital citizen, and I commend you for that. Like you, I have kids of my own and understand the importance of equipping teens to navigate their digital world successfully. Therefore, I created this course with our children in mind.

Through my program, I want to enable my students to make more informed decisions while using digital media tools. During my coursework, I focus my attention on 5 aspect of Digital Citizenship charter:

Creativitech Course  

In this course, children learn all about responsible digital citizenship by creating their own stories using multi-media tools. They cover all aspects of responsible digital citizenship by addressing the challenges and exploring the opportunities.
These sessions include all forms of technology-based media, which work particularly well for those “digital natives” for whom computers have always formed part of their life experience.

The process

As of today, almost every aspect of our lives is shaped, mediated, and informed by the conspicuous nature of digital technology. An especially important implication of this twenty-first century shift is the use of these newly-available tools and techniques which can promote productive outcomes, and offer new opportunities for communication, self-expression, and authentic connection.


Your child will be a responsible citizen in the digital world that will make themselves and you proud. They cover all aspects of responsible digital citizenship by addressing the challenges and exploring the opportunities. Your kid will develop the technical and social skills to safely navigate the new digital landscape.


Young people do not want to be "told" what to do; they want to be "mentored" in a safe and trusted environment, where their needs are understood, and their learning experience takes place within a positive and secure setting.


Giving your child the opportunity to learn all about it is best done by using the tools that create the digital world they interact with. They create their own digital animated story with multi-media tools. Teens love to use these applications and learn software skills they can use in future projects.


Within a peer group environment, we enable co-creation and collaboration and they gain a greater understanding of the dynamics involved in digital communication. In addition, teens learn to respect each other's digital space and the etiquette appropriate to engage responsibly. Cyberbullying is a reality, and through the story they create, they learn how to respond to inappropriate conduct and confidently take action.

A Creative Outlet

Research has proven that when teens can creatively express themselves, it helps them release stress, express their feelings, and deal with difficult emotions. The results are astounding; as their confidence increases, their social skills improve, and they do better in their studies. Through this course, teens creatively express their unique selves in a nurtured and judgment-free environment.

One Step Ahead

With the Metaverse (virtual shared space) in development by Facebook and other large networks, their digital future looks different from ours, and they need to learn engagement responsibly before it arrives. Now is the best time to proactively prepare your child for their digital future and not be caught off-guard and unprepared.

Take this opportunity now and provide your teen with the best opportunity to learn Responsible Digital Citizenship.

Book a free call with me and let us discuss to see if this is a good fit for your teen.

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